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Original Registered Turbo Owners

Registered Turbo Owners
Following is an incomplete & tempory list of Owners who have given permission to have their details published.        If you have Joined and your details are not on here please email for inclusion.


Click on Registered Turbo Owner ‘RTO’ Number for Turbo Car details.
RTO Numbers are First 3 of Country Phone Dialing Code, then 5 digit #.
RTO No.First NamePCodeManufacturerModelYr 
06100000Pauline3053NissanSkyline GTS-4WD91 
06100001Anthony2229MitsubishiStarion JA82Email admin
06100002John4270   Email admin
06100003Stacey4MitsubishiStarion JA Email admin
06100004Frans3MitsubishiStarion JA Email admin
06100005Greg3053MitsubishiStarion JA82 
06100006John3   Email admin
06100007Jack3   Email admin
06100008Greg4520   Email admin
06100009Graham4109   Email admin
06100010Andrew3122   Email admin
RTO No.First NameP CodeManufacturerModelYrEmail
06100011Richard MitsubishiGSR & Starion Email admin
06100012Paul    Email admin
06100013Paul    Email admin
06100014Ian6155   Email admin
06100015Rodney2830   Email admin
06100016Stephen3109   Email admin
06100017Jim2607   Email admin
06100018Lee6070   Email admin
06100019Adrian3134   Email admin
06100020Peter3026   Email admin
RTO No.First NameP CodeManufacturerModelYrEmail
06100021Manny3107   Email admin
06100022Ron4217   Email admin
06100023Shaun3136   Email admin
06100024Wayne2285   Email admin
06100025Paul4074   Email admin
06100026Frank3153   Email admin
06100027Mathew2224   Email admin
06100028David MitsubishiStarion84Email admin
06100029Jason GM-HoldenCommodore VL Email admin
06100100Gino NissanSkyline GTSt91Email admin
06100101Graham4030NissanSkyline GTS25t95Email admin
06100102DonaldGeelongNissan200SX Email admin
06100103Justin3125MitsubishiStarion JB84Email admin
06100104Jim    Email admin
06100105Steve3195FordCapri Turbo90Email admin
06100106Mike L. FordMerkur8?Email admin
06100107Peter3115Fiat  Email admin
06100108Dayle V. Nissan300ZXTT Email admin
06100109Daniel C.5161MitsubishiLancer GSR93Email admin
06100110Luke O. MitsubishiCordia Email admin
06100111Bill A3340MitsubishiSigma GJ Turbo82Email admin
06100112Sue H. ToyotaCelica Twin Turbo Email admin
08100001KenjiJapanMitsubishiStarion Email admin
67300001Doh P.BruneiNissan280ZX,AWD,RB26 Email admin
88600001AlexTaiwanPugeotV6 Twin Turbo Email admin


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