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Mitsubishi 1982 Starion


Mitsubishi Starion JA 1982 Australia

First of the Australian Starion Models this one is #1000 with LSD.

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 4G63BTAustralian Starions were produced in Japan and had the 4G63BT 2.0 Ltr Sirius Turbocharged engine with single point throttle body as standard, unlike USA Models with the 2.6 Astron. Replaced Throttle Body with high performance Mikuni JDM model for more fuel with boost upgrade.

History has proven the 4G63 Sirius and similar are the proven performers in later Mitsubishi AWD EVO’s.

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982

Metal Aluminium rear slat cover from USA and rare Plastic side louvers.

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 4G63BT  Air2air

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 Sandown2 Sandown3  Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 Sandown3


Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 Sandown2 Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 4G63BT Sandown

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 4G63BT  Air2air Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 4G63BT

Mitsubishi JA Starion 1982 4G63BT  Air2air


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